On the 61st Founding Anniversary of Uno High School

Today, November 10, 2020, we commemorate the 61st founding anniversary of our school with a simple floral offering to honor and give thanks to our founder, Don Domingo Yu Chu, whose vision and ideals have led to the establishment of our school. Let us also express our gratitude to our late principal, Dr. Jose Yu Siek Pong, whose hard work and dedication solidified our founder’s dream. His charitable spirit and the untiring quest for excellence make up the core of Unean values. As Uneans, it is our responsibility to cherish and continue the legacy that these great men have left us.

Part of that responsibility is appreciating and celebrating the unique Unean culture that will continue to shape our character long after we graduate from Uno. Academic and leadership excellence, discipline, and charity form the bedrock of our values. As we build on these values, we also develop qualities that continue to give us strength and resolve even through the most trying times such as this pandemic.

In the face of the challenges of distance learning, our resourceful and creative teachers have stepped up to the plate, developing strategies and programs for the new system. Our responsible and diligent students have quickly adapted to the rhythm and demands of the new learning format and are performing consistently well. Despite the distance, our teachers and students do their best to stay in constant touch through email and messaging apps in an earnest attempt to build an environment of caring and understanding. All these elements have enabled us to transition into the new system with much success.

Uneans, let us continue to uphold the legacy our founder has given to us. Not even the darkest of circumstances should dim our brilliance. Shine on! Uno, now and forever!

#Uno@61 #ShineOn