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BrainFit Reading Assistant Program (for Grade 1 to Grade 12)

1 hour/session for 8 days June 3 – Orientation, unlimited home use for the year. Rate: Php 4,500.00 Builds Better Readers: Students improve reading lever 50% beyond expected gains Saves you time: It automatically assesses words correct per minute (WCPM) and reading comprehension Provides an unbiased listener to every student: Even harder-to-engage students will practice […]

Dance Camp with Shayn Dominque O. Ting (for Grade 5 to Grade 12)

In this camp, the objective is to prepare the mind and body of the student for a wide range of movement possibilities: forms, qualities, or dynamics through street dance. The camp aims to provide an avenue for students to express themselves through movements. It also aims to boos the confidence of the students as a […]

Engineers Under Constuction (4 to 7 Years Old)

In this camp, students work hard to apply their knowledge of construction to save the beach from erosion and build their very own city from the ground up. During this 5-day camp, students will explore civil, mechanical and environmental engineering, Students explore the engineering behind objects that they see every day: skyscrapers, roads, tunnels and […]

Nihongo Class for Beginners

Uno High School will be offering Nihonggo classes for beginners. The goal of the beginner’s class is for the students to gain knowledge of the basic Japanese grammar and to acquire basic Japanese language skills (listening, speaking, and reading). The 10-session, 1-hour classes will be on May 22, May 24, May 27, May 29, May […]

Art Class With Jeffrey Consumo

Uno High School will be offering art classes this summer. The art class aims to allow students to express their own observations and create visual images from their own imaginations, feelings, and thoughts. The sessions will be handled by Jeffrey Consumo, a talented artist commissioned by the MERALCO group for its mural at the MERALCO […]