Uno High School


Although there has been no reported or confirmed case of coronavirus (Wuhan-Hu-1) infection in Uno, the school has decided to adopt the following measures because of the current public health concerns regarding the spread of the disease:

1.  Classes will be indefinitely suspended starting January 27, 2020, so that the school can gather information on the travel history of our students, teachers, and staff shortly before and during the Chinese New Year break. Stay alert for another announcement regarding the extent of this suspension.

Those who have traveled or whose family members have traveled to places where cases of the coronavirus infection have been confirmed (China, Macau, HK, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore,  Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Australia, France, Nepal, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc.) and to areas where numerous visitors from Wuhan were reported (Boracay, Aklan, etc.) must inform the school about their trips and GO ON SELF-QUARANTINE FOR TWO WEEKS AFTER THE DATE OF ARRIVAL (without negative effects to their grades or class standing). These absences from class will be excused. During this time of self-quarantine, please STAY HOME and do NOT attend tutorials or go to other places.

Students, teachers, and staff who have traveled abroad must submit photocopies of their passport details showing date of departure, date of arrival, and destinations. Those who went to local destinations mentioned must be honest enough to report their trips.

Those who had visits from family members, relatives, or friends from the places already mentioned must also inform the school of the visits and go on the same self-quarantine procedures.

After the quarantine period, please present a medical certificate (dated and signed by a doctor) as clearance of any symptoms of the coronavirus infection. In case symptoms manifest after claims of self-quarantine and after presentation of medical certificates, the school will not be held liable for any undesirable consequences.

Students, teachers, and staff who have been found out to have concealed their travel details will be given sanctions, will be sent home, and will not be allowed to enter the school.

2. Students who have no travel history but are not feeling well should not come to school. Students who are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, or cold, etc., must stay at home.

3.  There will be a meeting with the faculty and staff on January 27, 2020, on how to educate the students and the school community on preventive measures that should be adopted when dealing with such health threats. The extent of class suspension will also be discussed.

4.  A task force on how to handle students who exhibit symptoms of the virus infection will be created.

5. Upon resumption of classes, the school will be requiring all students, teachers, and staff to wear the appropriate masks and to bring alcohol (at least 70% isopropyl alcohol), tissue, handkerchiefs, ample water, and everything else needed to stay clean and safe.

     Always follow proper handwashing techniques, as well as coughing and sneezing etiquette. Avoid the use of open hand or closed fist to cover your cough. Doing so spreads germs and makes it easy to transfer germs to other surfaces through touching. Cough or sneeze into the fold of your arms, trapping germs within the easily washable fabric of your clothes.

6.  Students, teachers, and staff who are most vulnerable (immunocompromised) such as the elderly, those who have recently undergone major operations, those who have chronic respiratory ailments, those who are undergoing dialysis, etc., will be asked to stay home until the threat is over.

We are issuing these directives not to sow panic but to create awareness and to ask for everyone’s cooperation.  We seek your honesty and complete cooperation regarding this very serious matter to ensure the safety not only of your family but also of the other students, teachers, and staff as well.