A Note from the School Director

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted not just the school system but also every other aspect of our lives. We, in Uno, realize that much has to be done in order to cope with all the uncertainty around us.

Over time, our foresight and prudence regarding the threat of the coronavirus have certainly proven to be correct. It is these same foresight and prudence that we are using in planning out the safest, most reasonable, most practical, and most effective new teaching delivery method for your children.

We will roll out school plans in detail soon. We want to plan out every aspect of next school year carefully and do our curriculum planning responsibly. We ask for your patience and faith that we are doing everything we can to make next school year as fruitful and meaningful as all the past school years.

With our dedicated teachers and staff and with your earnest support and cooperation, we know we can make things work. Thank you very much for your kind understanding and consideration.