An Overview of the Uno High School Distance Learning Program

S.Y. 2020 – 2021


Message of School Director Mrs. Mariselle Adelene Yu Alberto's YEAR-END REMARKS for SY 2020 - 2021

Watch Mrs. Alberto’s year-end remarks to hear her acknowledgements, reminders, and advisories about summer classes and the next school year.

Parents, Teachers, Students, and Friends:

 A pleasant day to all of you! The school year 2020-2021 is undoubtedly the most trying school year we have ever had. For a while, things seemed much too overwhelming, but here we are,  looking back at the year that was, knowing full well that we have done our best, realizing that  we have learned much and that we have grown in all the different domains of resilience. We have faced the problems head-on, hurdled past the obstacles, triumphed over our fears, and emerged better and stronger.  

大家好!毫無疑問,2020-2021 學年度是我們經歷過的最艱難的一年。剛開始,事情似 乎太多了,但是現在,回顧過去的一年,充分了解我們已經盡了最大的努力,意識到我們 學到了很多東西,並且在各個領域都成長了。面對各種問題,我們克服了障礙,戰勝了恐 懼,並且變得越來越好。 

 For everything that we have accomplished last year, much of the credit should go to our teachers. While preparing for online teaching, our teachers were like pioneers trekking into unknown territory, but each of them took to the task with courage, instinctively banding together into one formidable team, helping one another to adapt to the new LMS, to fine-tune lesson plans, and to master new teaching techniques. The embodiment of grace under pressure, our teachers tried their best to bridge the distance with their humor and warmth,  their commitment to and love for their students shining through, unwavering and unquestionable. 

對於我們去年所完成的事,大部分應該歸功於我們的老師。在準備線上教學時,老師們就 像拓荒者一樣,潛入未知的領域,但他們每個人都勇於承擔任務,本能地組成一個強大的 團隊,互相幫助,以適應新的學習處理系統(LMS),從而對課程進行仔細調節、計劃,並 掌握新的教學技術。在壓力下保持仁慈、親切,竭盡所能,堅定不移地以幽默與熱心,專 心致力與愛來教導學生。

Another crucial element to the success of distance learning is our parents. With students stuck in the house, the role of the parent as a partner in education cannot be emphasized enough. Our parents understand the relevant part they have to play in their children’s academic success. In fact, they stepped up, providing their children not just the necessary  hardware for distance education, but also a conducive environment for effective learning. Our parents have taken a significantly more active role in their children’s asynchronous activities,  enforcing discipline, setting a routine for homework, play, and rest, providing emotional support, and establishing a balance that is so important to a child’s all-around health. People say that the parent is a child’s first teacher. I add to this statement by saying that the parent is also a child’s first guidance counselor, first disciplinarian, first friend, and first love – all key roles that a student meets in school but also all key roles that a parent must play throughout a  child’s learning stage. 

遠程學習成功的另一個重要因素是家長的配合。由於學生被困在家裡,家長作為教育夥伴 的角色無法得到充分的強調。家長們了解他們在孩子學業上所必須扮演的重要角色。實際 上,他們加緊努力,不僅為孩子提供遠程教育所需的硬件,還提供了有效學習的有利環 境。他們在孩子的異步活動中發揮了更加積極的作用:加強紀律,制定家庭作業、娛樂和 休息的程序,並提供情感上的鼓勵,建立對孩子的全面健康至關重要的平衡。人們說父母 是孩子的第一位老師。在此我要補充地說:父母也是孩子的第一位輔導員、第一位紀律訓 練者、第一個朋友和所愛的人–學生在學校遇到的所有關鍵角色,也是父母在孩子整個學 習過程中必須扮演的關鍵角色。 

 With our parents and teachers doing so much, our students can’t help but realize how truly important learning is. The most successful students are always the ones who find joy and meaning in learning, appreciate the guidance of their teachers, and are grateful for the love and support of their parents. In distance learning, these are the students who make sure to attend synchronous classes on time, to listen to the teacher, to ask questions for enlightenment, and participate actively in discussions. These are the students who understand that discipline is perhaps even more important now than it was during face-to-face learning. And so, they set off a regular time for asynchronous work, doing their tasks on a regular basis without having to wait for the last-minute rush. They do not miss deadlines or quizzes because they are committed to excellence. Since they have not idled away time, they find that they have plenty of time left for play, exercise, hobbies, and other pursuits.  

在家長和老師的幫助下,學生意識到了學習的真正重要性。有好成績的學生總是那些在學 習中感到快樂和有意義,欣賞老師的指導,並感謝父母的愛與支持的。在遠程學習中,這 些學生一定按時上同步課,專心聽老師講課,提出啟發性問題並積極參與討論。這些學生 了解,現在紀律比面對面學習時更重要。因此,他們安排了固定的時間,進行異步學習, 而不是等到最後一刻才趕著做。他們不會錯過交作業的最後期限或測驗的時間,因為他們 致力於卓越的表現,由於他們沒有浪費時間,因此他們有足夠的時間進行遊戲、鍛煉、愛 好和其他追求。 

 To our students who have done consistently well throughout the school year,  congratulations! Keep up the passion to learn and the drive to improve. Your academic success,  your character development, as well as your physical and emotional well-being, have always remained the school’s top priority and will continue to be so despite the limitations of distance learning. Our amazing teachers will be with you along every step you take in Uno High School.  Your wonderful parents will be with you even further and longer. To these people, show your love and appreciation by being and doing your best. 

恭喜在整個學年中一直表現出色的學生,希望你們保持學習的熱情和改進的動力。儘管遠 距學習有局限性,但你的學業成績、性格發展以及身心健康始終是學校視為重中之重的, 而且將繼續如此。你在尚一中學學習的每一個步程中,我們的老師將與你同在。不管多遠 多久,你的父母將陪伴著你,對這些人,用行動表現出你對他們的愛和感謝吧! 

 As the year comes to a close, let us look forward to a more vibrant school year. From the looks of things, we are likely to spend another school year in distance learning. Now that we have successfully adjusted to the new system, let’s strive to restore some of the meaningful activities we enjoyed during face-to-face classes, such as longer synchronous class time — still within the recommendations of experts — and more extracurricular activities. We are counting on our new set of student council officers to come up with fun and worthwhile activities for everyone. Whatever changes happen, rest assured that all the decisions of the administration  are made only after careful deliberation, consultation, and consideration. 

隨著這一學年的臨近結束,讓我們期待一個更加充滿活力的新學年。目前看來,我們很可 能會再花一個學年進行遠程學習。現在,我們已經成功適應了新系統,讓我們努力恢復一 些我們在面對面課堂上享受的有意義的活動,例如更長的同步上課時間(仍在專家的建議 之內)和更多的課外活動。我們指望新屆的學生會幹事能夠為大家提供有趣又有價值的活 動。無論有什麼改變,請放心,只有在經過仔細的審議、協商和考慮之後,我們才會做出 決定。 

The long days of summer stretch ahead. Take a breather from all your hard work and recharge. When you have gathered enough creative energy, pursue your own interests and use your time productively. The school is offering a lot of alternative classes such as cooking,  conversational Mandarin, Nihongo, basketball, art, music, etc. You might find one to your liking.  Do not dawdle time away on meaningless activities. Instead, learn a skill, make new friends, and discover new talents. I hope to see you all next year reinvigorated for new learning. Thank you and have a great summer! 

漫長的暑假即將到來,讓自己輕鬆一下吧!當你聚集了足夠的創作活力時,追求自己的 興趣並有效地利用時間。學校提供許多可供選擇的課程,例如烹飪、普通話會話、日語、 籃球、藝術、音樂等等,你可能會喜歡上一門。不要浪費時間在毫無意義的活動,要學習 技能,結交新朋友並發現新的才能。希望新學年大家能精神飽滿地學習新的東西,並祝大 家度過一個愉快的暑假!