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S.Y. 2020 – 2021


Message of School Director Mrs. Mariselle Adelene Yu Alberto in the Uno@60: Shine On Souvenir Program

Message of School Director Mrs. Mariselle Adelene Yu Alberto in the Uno@60: Shine On Souvenir Program

As Uno turns 60, I found it profoundly amazing that the diamond is the symbol for this celebration for there is none more fitting. A diamond may have started from a lowly lump of coal but it is refined to its unrivalled brilliance despite strife and pressure. Similarly, Uno has its humble beginnings in the vision of businessman Don Domingo Yu Chu. With the aim of providing the Chinese-Filipino youth with the best possible education, he was committed to making this tenuous vision into reality. The core of this vision was strengthened with the dedication of our late beloved principal Dr. Jose Yu Siek-Pong to academic excellence, discipline, and charity. The relevance of a Unean education was further fortified when Mrs. Mary Angeline Yu-Pineda took over as school director in 1997. Dynamic and forward-thinking, she brought 21st century learning into our classrooms. I became school director in 2017 with the intention of upholding all the goals that my predecessors had worked so hard for, but I also want to foster a culture of openness that will enhance the communication lines between the school and its students, the parents, and the alumni. I hope that we can continue to share experiences, learn together, grow together, and shine together.

The diamond’s incomparable hardness finds its parallel in Uno’s uncompromising pursuit for the highest academic standards and its tough stance on enforcing discipline among its students. The gem’s constancy is mirrored by our unwavering commitment to provide our students with a safe and enjoyable learning environment where they can freely explore all their potentials. Diamonds may shine brightly on their own, but they also intensify the beauty of other gems. Because Uneans are leaders, we not only strive to be the best, but we also bring out the best in others. The diamond’s clarity finds its match in the clear vision we have for Uno’s future – one where no amount of challenge can dim our brightness.

Just as a polished diamond shines brighter because of its many facets, Uno continues to stand out because of the many forces in its forefront: the hardworking and loyal administration and staff, the dedicated and multi-talented members of its faculty, the energetic and disciplined students, the supportive and cooperative parents, and the generous and reliable alumni – all these united by the Unean spirit and the guidance of Divine Providence. My father’s favorite poem “A Psalm of Life” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says it so aptly:

Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act,— act in the living Present!
Heart within, and God o’erhead!

As long as we Uneans work together, the integrity and strength of the diamond will be with us. May the Unean spirit continue to throb in our hearts, and may God continue to watch over us with His infinite wisdom and boundless love!

Shine on, Uneans!



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尚一中學在線教學概要   由於冠狀肺炎疫情嚴峻,學校當局認為新學年(2020年8月24日開始)的常規教學必須進行徹底創新,必須更多的依賴現代科技,必須比以往更有彈性、策略和審慎的制定學習計劃。 首先,我們重新評估2020年3月至5月停課期間使用的授課方式,我們看到:即使我們能夠給以學習內容,也應該為教師與學生,學生與學生之間提供合理的互動時間。接著我們通過2020年5月14至19日進行的在線調查向家長諮詢有關他們的選擇和網路狀況,結果顯示多數家長願意讓孩子在家上網學習。考慮到教師和學生的安全與福祉,我們提出了一項遠程(在線)學習計劃,設計有效的學習內容,同時保持我們的學術水平,並向學生灌輸遵守紀律、敦品力學和熱心公益的核心價值。 在線學習計劃將在第一學期(2020年8月至12月)施行,僅在疫情受控,足以使學生能安全重返校園的情況下,混合學習或在線學習與面對面學習相結合在第二學期才可能行得通。 在此我們想讓您了解出現在線上的一些術語: 遠程(在線)學習:     一種教育形式,教師和學生隔開,在教學過程中使用各種技術促進師生間的交流 實時:   現在發生的事情,或事件發生確切時間廣播的 同步學習(SL):    實時進行的在線或遠程教學,學生和老師可以通過視頻進行互動。 異步學習(AL):    通過在線渠道進行,沒有實時互動。學生可以自己或在家長的幫助下取得家庭作業、指定功課、閱讀材料、視頻和其他在線教材 混合學習:      [...]